After many years of activity and experience in student and youth organizations, we have come to the conclusion that it is difficult – and due to the Bologna system nowadays it is even more difficult – to keep a constant level of organization and representation of interests in the student organizations. The main reason for this is that the number of members who activate in the student organizations constantly fluctuates. As a result a good working team cannot develop, and in the rare cases when it develops, the members soon graduate and the process of recruiting and teaching new members starts from scratch. This means new people, a new team, which takes times to get acquainted with the heads of the university and the customs.

Taking in consideration these experiences, we find it timely and necessary to establish an organization which comprises youth who have taken part in student organizations and youth works. Based on our already existing experience, we try to help youth and student organizations in the Partium region. This includes initiatives of fund raising, professional advice, or organizing various trainings.

Additionally, our short term goals include the establishment and maintenance of good relationships with as many youth and student organizations as possible. Presently these relationships are only on a formal level, if they are at all. In our opinion, the more often we keep in touch with other organizations – by organizing common events and projects – the easier it would be to develop the sense of initiative of the non-governmental organizations from the Partium region.

Due to the lack of constant relationship, partnership between the organizations, the information flow also had to suffer, or it does not work at all. As a result, in many cases lots of events are held in the same time, many similar initiatives come to light, and in the absence of the information flow everyone can achieve only the small projects. In order to make bigger projects happen and to have bigger plans, it is necessary to create a proper information flow system.

Executing the planned work is done by the founders of the association and by its active members which includes 4 former presidents of student organizations and more vice- presidents of student and young organizations. Besides this many currently active young and student leaders are involved in our activities and they serve as bridging elements between former and current students. From the regional perspective, our activities involve all the region of Partium.