• Our association thinks it is important for young people to be involved in the new opportunities that arise from the fact that Romania is part of the European Union and the permanent ones offered by the Romanian Government; opportunities like international youth exchanges, trainings and conferences and assuming volunteer roles, involvement in cultural activities in the field of cinema, and theatre. We not only provide information about these opportunities but we also apply for Youth Exchange projects that would be organized in Oradea.
  • With this in mind, these are our goals:

– running and establishing new youth and student hostels in the Carpathian basin (we currently have one in Oradea and one in Târgu Mures)

– establishing and maintaining partnerships with organizations who have similar goals
– organizing European Youth Exchanges
– sending young people to participate in European Youth Exchanges
– sending young people to participate in volunteer work or in vocational trainings
– organizing cultural and leisure events for young people
– training group leaders

– organizing social activities in the surrounding orphanages

– Organizing the Metrion Animation Film Festival in partnership with the Metrion Group on a yearly basis