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LIVES – Campaign to increase road safety for youth

Szorolap terv

Our Association carried out through the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission a campaign to increase traffic safety and warning and awareness rising initiatives for youth that took place in 5 locations, 4 different cities (Satu Mare, Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Băile Tusnad ) during 2013-2014 .

The purpose of these actions was to reduce the number of road accidents, to facilitate the safe traffic of younger generations. During the initiative, we tried to draw attention of young people on the dangers of producing road accidents because of alcohol consumption while driving or before climbing behind the wheel and the dangers that threaten pedestrians in the city.

These objectives were achieved by educational tools (goggles that mimic drunkenness, computer games) and by way of warning signs and flyers, so participants were warned through non -formal methods of the dangers and real problems of the road.