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FARE – Football Against Racism

Type of Program: Demonstration against racism and discrimination.

Date: 23.10.2011

Place: Oradea, Iuliu Bodola Stadium

Participants: 15 voung sters with different ethnicity

Main Sponsor: FARE Action Week Against Racism and Discrimination

This year our association participated for the third time at the FARE Action Week, organized for the 12th time.  We organized a small demonstration at the football match FC Bihor – FC Juventus Bucureşti, where we had T-shirts promoting an anti-racist behavior. During the game we discussed with the fans about this program and we gave T-shirts for those who showed interest. After the match we watched the movie “Hooligans 2” and we discussed about racism in the Gekko Youth Club.

Selective Collecting


Type of program: Selective Collection of Garbage

Time: 08.10.2011 – 09.10.2011

Location: Oradea

Between 8-9 Oktober, 2011 (Satuday-Sunday) took place a campaign for awareness, with the help of youngsters. The aim of this campaign was to make more and more people aware of the importance of selective collection, and that it has a key role on the level of everyday routine. The initiating company was the Eco Bihor. They advertised the movement with three weeks before it, in different TV programmes, newspapers, and they tried to do everything to ensure success.  On 7 October they held a discussion for the volunteers who took part in the campaign. Approximately 150 volunteers were present, high school students, university students and other youngsters, who got every instruction to the weekend program. We hope that we could move something in the minds of people in connection with the selective collection of garbage.

Description of the campaign

Taking in account the situation presented above, the ECO BIHOR company  – as the manager of the Non-Hazardous Waste Landfill and Sorting Hall of Bihor county-, and the RER Ecologic Service Rt. – as the collector of the household waste – were starting an awareness campaign for the local community, in connection with the selective waste-collection.

Together with the campaign the schools were asked to organize a competition of collecting paper.

The program was based on the participation of volunteers, so we sent a group of 2-3 persons to each collecting place. Here they gave flyers to people, and asked them about their way of throwing out the waste. They were also attentive o the people who were doing it by selecting the waste. These people got some little gifts. The volunteers were talking with people about their opinion and their knowledge of selective collection. These youngsters were wearing a bilingual t-shirt with the motto , “COLECTEAZĂ SELECTIV- GYŰJTS SZELEKTÍVEN” (I collect selectively).

X. Summer University of the Carpathian Basin

Type of program: Summer University

Time: 13.08.2011 – 19.08.2011

Location: Oradea, Partium Christian University

The 10th Summer University of the Carpathian Basin is over.

The 10th edition of the Summer University brought together more than 150 students, former students and guests from all over the Carpathian Basin.

During the program, the participants took part at scientific presentations and discussions and at different cultural and free time programs. At Wednesday  the youngsters were at an excursion to Roşia Montană, where they got to know the history and the present situation of the Gold Mine project.

The Summer University was organized by the student association of the university, Association of the Hungarian students in Timişoara, our association, Rákóczi Szövetség, HÖOK and more associations.

“ …The Summer University of the Carpathian Basin is a good opportunity, for the Hungarian youngsters of the different countries of the region, to get to know each other, to change their thoughts, experiences, and to have new experiences, skills, and they can leave with new friendships. This way, besides the acquiring modern knowledge, a some kind of invisible net is forming, what helps the feeling of togetherness, and it intensifies the retaining power of the Hungarian ethnic communities…” (quote from the greeting of the patron of the 4th Summer University of The Carphatin Basin, Mádl Ferenc, president of the Republic of Hungary. )