Children Day

On 13 March. 2011-

the PIHE association organized a children day in the Cinema Libertatea. The day was coordinated by Marie Hand, participating to a European Volunteering Service in the association. About forty children spent the day in the Cinema Libertatea enjoying the well diversified schedule proposed by PIHE.

After a sportive and playing wake-up organized by Charles Szabo, during which children could meet each other, they could enjoy a pantomime show, played by the deaf-mute Remus Ilisie. This show “I want to fly” was a big success for the public. Then, the artist permited the children to discover the joy of pantomime by proposing an interactive pantomime exercise.

At the end of the morning, it was the Arcadia Pupet Theater company who offered us a show combining music, puppets, tales. A real pleasure!

At the beginning of the afternoon, David Bertin, also volunteer with the EVS program, gave us a juggling show with balls, a hat and stick, after which he initiated the children to do this activity.

The day ended in a more peaceful atmosphere with the projection of short-movies.

During free times, kids had free access to other workshops put at the entrance of the cinema. Inflatable balloons, origami, pearls, drawings, face painting, paintings, were some of the activities proposed.

The cinema, which will re-open soon, had been transformed for one day in a playing and creating place for children and for older youths!

The PIHE association thanks a lot to all the people who contributed to the success of that day, and also to the kids, for their happiness and their energy..

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