Campus Olympics

Type of program: Olympics

Time: 20.07.2010 – 22.07.2010

Location: Debrecen, Hungary

Participating Countries: Hungary and Romania

The “Debreceni Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft” organized a 3 day sport event for students from Hungary and Romania. The goals of the event were the promotion of sport and doing sports, educating towards a healthy lifestyle, assuring leisure time for those wishing to do sports, organizing social events, building new contact between the athletes and supporters of different sport institutions, organizing the twin event of the Campus Festival and making new ties possible between Hungarian and Romanian institutions. It was possible to enter in fields like: small field football, tennis, beach volleyball, foot tennis, basketball, street ball, handball, swimming, relay-running, billiards, darts, strength contests, poker, triathlon and biking. One of the points for candidates was our PIHE office.

More details about the olympics can be read at the website.

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